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When you decide to book our 4 hands-massage, you have chosen a treatment, where you will receive optimal physiological massage, as 4 hands at the same time will work with your body.

Two of our very skilled therapists cooperate on giving every muscle in your body the best possible massage. The treatment is at time synchronous and sometimes very abstract with different pressures and methods.

As our guest you will give up to follow the hands which ensures that your brain will have a break. You will experience the 4 hands-massage as being a very destressing treatment.

An optimal treatment which both you and your body will be addicted to.

Duration 1 hour – Price DKK 1.495,-

Please note: This treatment can only be booked by telephone – +45 3315 8954

Classic Physiological Massage

A physiological massage is a deep tissue and classic type of massage working the muscles thoroughly. We will design the treatment specifically for your needs. The massage will be performed by an experienced and skilled masseur, who takes pride in pampering you.


  • ½ hour massage DKK 500,- per person
  • 1 hour massage DKK 800,- per person
  • 1½ hour massage DKK 1.000,- per person

NB! To ensure everyone the best experience possible, ½ hour treatments are not available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Temple Massage by Pañpuri

This treatment begins with ½ hour pampering of both feet and soul. First you receive a wonderful footbath, foot peeling, foot mask and a foot massage – while enjoying a glass of bubbles, some fresh fruit and find your peace. You will also get to choose the aroma oil for your 1 hour body massage, which follows afterwards.

Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.000,- per person.

Tempel Deluxe finishes with a hand or facial ritual. Duration: 2 hour DKK 1.300,- per. person.

Buddha Massage by Kalahari

This treatment begins with a massage of shoulders, neck and back to relieve your tensions and find the inner peace. This is followed by a lovely mini facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, mask and scalp massage. The treatment ends with a nourishing face cream.

Duration: 1 hour DKK 800,- per person

Buddha Massage Deluxe

includes a ½ hour extra massage, giving you a full body massage. Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.000,- per. person.

Eastern Herbal Balls by Pañpuri

This herbal treatment is an ancient traditional Thai compress technique, performed with warm scented fabric pouches filled with fragrant herbs gently pressed all over your body. The herbs stimulate the blood circulation, ease muscle tensions, and leave you energized.

Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.200,- per person.

Eastern Herbal Balls Deluxe

includes a foot ritual. Duration: 2 hours DKK 1.500,- per person.

Our Signature Treatment “Bamboo Massage”

This is an ancient Asian form of treatment, both unique and efficient. The combination of the classic physiological massage and the organic bamboo tubes is perfect for a deep tissue massage, releasing tensions and stimulating the senses. A must for body and soul!

Duration: 1 hour DKK 1.000,- or 1½ time DKK 1.200 per person.

Desert Sand by Kalahari

This treatment begins with a full body peeling with red desert sand from the Kalahari Desert, leaving your body silky smooth. Afterwards follows a full body massage where we use “Calabashes” (dried fruit) pearls of “Jobs Beads” and warm sand pouches. Before your treatment ends, you will choose which aroma oli you would like for your neck, shoulder and scalp massage. An unforgettable experience in the world of Kalahari!

Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.300,- per person.

Buddha’s Oil

Nothing less but a divine treatment! After a relaxing body massage, we will pour a warm and soothing oil over your forehead (your third eye) and through your hair.

The treatment finishes with a lovely scalp and face massage.

Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.300,- per person.

Buddha’s Oil Deluxe includes a foot ritual. Duration: 2 hours DKK 1.600,- per person.

Warm Oil Massage by Kalahari

If you need a gentle and de-stressing massage, choose the warm oil massage from “Kalahari Aromatic Massage Candle”. The warm oil from the massage candle is used during the physiological massage, making you feel an inner peace and an amazing warmth in your body.

Prior to the treatment, you get to choose your exotic scented candle, so please be here early.

Duration: 1 hour DKK 900,- per person.

Hot Stone Massage

This form of treatment is performed with hot lava stones. The combination of hands and warm stones provides a deep tissue massage, which soothes muscle tension very effectively, meanwhile bringing inner peace and well-being. Duration: 1½ hour DKK 1.200,- per person.

Hot Stone Deluxe includes a foot ritual. Duration: 2 hours DKK 1.500,- per person.

Jasmin by Pañpuri

Our popular Jasmine package consists of a delicious body scrub performed by a skilled therapist, before receiving a moisturizing vitamin wrap for the entire body. While the wrap takes effect, you receive a relaxing facial massage. The treatment ends with a 40-minute body massage.

Duration: 2 hours DKK 1.500,- per person.

Jasmin Deluxe includes a foot ritual. Duration: 2½ hours DKK 1.800,- per person.

Pregnancy Massage

We offer prenatal massage, and you can choose between all our treatments. While being pregnant, you might feel a bit more vulnerable, and therefore it is important for us to make you feel safe. We have a special pregnancy cushion for the massage table so you and your stomach feel comfortable. We will pamper you with a pleasant and relaxing treatment, which will benefit both you and your baby.

Oriental Water Temple and Lounge

In both of our spa departments, we offer you the opportunity to relax in our “Oriental Water Temple”, which is always included in treatments above DKK 800, –. We provide you with a robe, slippers and towel, all you need to bring is your swimwear. Furthermore, both departments offer a pleasant and relaxing lounge area.

The age limit for spa access with an adult is 13 years and without an adult is 16 years.

NOTE! If the guest has a treatment with their child under 13, the spa area can be used.


Spa Facilities

Ni’mat City: Jacuzzi, aroma steam room, sauna and cold-water bucket.

Ni’mat Clarion: Salt water pool (26 degrees and only for relaxing) and aroma steam room.

Effective treatment time: ½ hour: 25 min. 1 hour: 50 min. 1½ hour: 80 min. 2 hours: 110 min. 2½ hour: 140 min.

Our” Oriental Water Temple” is included in all body treatments over DKK 800,-

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