Physiological massage

The classical physiological massage is offered at both our clinics in Copenhagen and at Clarion

Classical physiological massage

Physiotherapy massage is an in-depth and classic massage form, where all the muscles of the body are worked through. We work specifically to put together the massage according to your needs. The massage will be carried out by an experienced and skilled masseur who takes an honor to circle you.


  • ½ hour massage 500,- pr. person
  • 1 hour massage 800,- pr. person
  • 1½ hour massage 1.000,- pr. person

NOTE! To ensure all the best possible experience, it is not possible to book 30 min. massage friday, saturday and sunday

Combination of multiple treatments

Combining multiple treatments gives you the opportunity to put your own personal touch on your massage. We will guide you in which treatment combinations will be best for you, for example, if you have bad muscle tension. If you need a little extra for your treatment, you have the opportunity to buy stone, herb balls, hot oil massage and bamboo massage.

Heat lava

One way to relieve muscle tension in an effective way is to combine warm stones and hands. It also provides an inner peace and plenty of well-being. Duration: 1 hour 200, – per. person.


The fragrant herbal balls increase blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness and tension and give you renewed energy. Duration: 1 hour 200, – per. person.

We also offer hot oil massage and bamboo massage

Warm oil massage with Kalahari Aromatic Massage Candle

If you have pain in muscles or joints, this massage in hot oil could relieve or completely remedy pain. The hot oil from the massage light is used in the performance of the physiological massage and gives a great warmth to the body. You can choose from one of the exotic fragrances before your treatment, so come in time. Duration: 1 hour 900,- pr. person.

Bambus Massage

This is an ancient Asian treatment that is both unique and effective. The combination of classic massage and hollow organic bamboo tubes is a unique way to go deeper, reduce tension, stimulate senses and reactivate blood circulation. Duration: 1½ hour 1,200, – </ strong> per. person.

Oriental water temple

Including in all body treatments over 800, -.

Effective processing time is:

  • 1 hour: 50 min.
  • 1½ hour: 80 min.
  • 2 hour: 110 min.
  • 2½ hour: 140 min.

Contact os

Want to know more, or order a time, you can either call 33 15 89 55 or send an email to


We’ve collected our treatments in categories so you can quickly get an overview. Finally, you must not limit yourself to the categories, they are just for inspiration. Most body treatments can be performed on two people at the same time in the same room – it is a very good experience.

For all our body treatments from DKK 850, – you can freely use our spa “Oriental Water Temple”. In connection with cosmetologist treatments, access can be purchased for DKK 150, -.

Just remember to bring your bathing suits, we provide bath robes and towels.


The classical physiological massage is offered at both our clinics in Copenhagen and at the Clarion

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massage for two

There is nothing more romantic than that be pampered with his partner.

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Wellness gift card

A Gift Card for Ni’mat Massage & Spa gives joy, pampering and presence to those you care about.

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With the help of organic plant extracts, effective clay and fruit enzymes from Africa, it is achieved impressive results

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