My name is Fannar Gudmundsson, I am 32 years old and born in Iceland.

I have a therapeutic education in healing massage, counseling therapy, anatomy, physiology and disease studies. In addition to my education, I have taken a course in sports acupuncture. Since 2011 I have worked independently in companies where there is a fairly high demand for massage.

I have been employed in Ni`mat Spa since 2010 and works primarily in the spa department at Clarion Cph Airport. I love my work and with me you always get good service and treatment at a high level.


My name is Kate, I am a skin and massage therapist.

I have a title of Bachelor of Cosmetology and Health Promotion.

Over the last 10 years of my professional career, cosmetology has become for me a holistic approach to beauty and health. That why it is very important for me to use clean and effective products so that you can see and notice that there has been a change.

I have extensive experience in treating acne, hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging.

I take pleasure in performing each treatment according to your needs and I will always do my utmost to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.

I look forward to seeing you!


Hi, my name is Krasimir Filipov. I was born and raised in Bulgaria, where I graduated as a sports massager after graduation. I have graduated in 2002 in the capital Sofia. After that, I worked as a sports massager on a soccer team in Cyprus and later linked to a five-star Balneotherpy Spa hotel. I have worked with people who have had physiological and health problems. I have almost always happy and satisfied customers. My skills are:

  • Medical and sports massage
  • East Asian Chinese Massage
  • lymph massage
  • Japanese saionji massage
  • moxer
  • Cupping Massage
  • electro therapy
  • cryotherapi


My name is Kristin, is 55 years old and from Iceland. Has been in the industry since 1981. Started as a cosmetologist (CIDESCO), a massage therapist followed by a field therapist education. Becoming a graduate at the School of Psychomotorism as a Relief Educator in 2007, in order to better understand the connection between psyche and body, a holistic approach to man. I have been working at Ni’mat for 7 years at Hotel Clarion Cph Airport and Hotel Kong Arthur. I provide all types of body treatments specializing in pregnancy massage, which is my major area of ​​interest.

The environment here at Ni’mat I love. Here is a wonderful atmosphere, a place where one can be mindful. I have great colleagues here from all over the world, and we exchange ideas interdisciplinary that reinforce our development and knowledge within the subject. Take the first step full of confidence. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.


I am a trained sports massager and have over the years helped a myriad of people with different physical problems.

I started my masseur career in 2004. I am strong as a bear and known to provide a good, effective and profound massage. So if you need a good and thorough massage, it is highly recommended to book a time with me.


My name is Samantha and I am a certified massage therapist from Pennsylvania, USA. I speak both English and Danish. I graduated from National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences in 2010. I am educated in corrective muscle therapy techniques, anatomy, physiology and pathology for massage. Since graduation I have worked in the spa industry, as well as taking massage continuing education courses. Since living in Denmark I have also been educated in cupping therapy which I am proficient at. I use my extensive massage skills to give my clients a personalized treatment. I believe massage is about the wellness of mind and body.


My name is Marie and I am an energized, curious Swedish woman who burns my subjects. I have worked as a skin therapist and makeup artist in Copenhagen for almost 17 years. My passion is innovative skin care, but above all, the whole concept of making people happy and giving the best treatment. For 13 years I have run my own green beauty clinic in inner Copenhagen, where the focus was on ecology and protecting the environment, all the way through. After many years as self-employed, it was time to try something new, so of course it was at Ni’mat Spa I was going to work. To me, the environment and atmosphere are just as important as a good treatment. At Ni`mat Spa I have many regular customers from my old company, but I am looking forward to welcoming you!


In 2007, I graduated as a Medical Massage Therapist and SPA Therapist in Malmö and I have worked at Ni’mat Spa since 2008. In my education, I learned Swedish Classic Massage, Treatment Massage, Sports Massage, “Tactile Touch” so I can work with people, with Parkinson’s and people who have had a stroke etc. In 2012, I took an education as an Organic Skin Therapist, as I love our mother earth! Since 2012, I have only worked at Ni’mat Clarion (former Hilton). I like working with different types of massage – so I’m looking forward to meeting you!


My name is Ieva (Eve) 26years old, born in Latvia and spent the last 7years studying and living in Edinburgh Scotland. I have been in industry since 2011 studied cosmetology including massage for 4 years holding HND (Highest National Diploma). I’m qualified in various treatments like nails, waxing, facials, advanced electrotherapy treatments, reflexology, spa treatments, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage. Have worked with well known brands like Decleor, Murad, Elemis, CACI. I am an open and honest person who treats others with respect and a very good listener. Happy clients is my main motivation and reason why I love being a therapist. Looking forward meeting you!


My name is Jasmina. I am 24 years old – born and raised in Sweden. Speaks fluent Swedish, Spanish and English.

I studied at Germaine De Capuccini in Chile, where I trained as a massage therapist and cosmetologist in 2017. Since then, I have worked at various Spas, and I have participated in several courses in health and beauty, where I have worked with hotstone treatments, body wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures.

I have many times heard that I have magical hands. The most important thing for me is that you as a customer experience my treatment as relaxing and luxurious. We all deserve to have such an experience.


My name is Sevim and I come from Turkey.

After graduating in 2012, I have used my experience as a masseur, beautician and Hamam therapist. I have since practiced this in both Turkey and Denmark.

Along the way, I have participated in several different courses, such as skin care and massage treatments such as classical physiotherapy, sports, wellness and traditional cupping. I love my job and look forward to giving you just the treatment you need. As an added competency, I can offer you a truly amazing Turkish Hamam treatment.


My name is Emma. In 2005 I became a certified medical massage therapist and spa therapist in complementary medicine university of Malmö. Since then, I have worked full time helping people and animals with their health. My massage technique is based on deep tissue massage and stretching, but also elements of other methods such as acupressure.
Through various courses and my deep interests in health , among other things, have I trained to develop balance, calm and harmony between body and soul, in order to be able to give you a safe treatment. Not least, I learned a lot while working with and by my clients and through my own life experiences.

I am certified in different treatments such as fascia vibe massage, therapeutic massage, homeopathy, kum nye healing massage, bowen therapy, aura-soma consultation, spa therapy, sports massage, trigger point treatment and stretching techniques.

I am looking forward to seeing you here at Nimat Spa.


My name is Daniela Green.

I studied in 2000 – 2002 at the international school Christine Valmy (American school) in Bucharest, Romania as a massage therapist, where my focus was classic Swedish and cosmetology.

From 2002 I have been working as a cosmetic and massage therapist.

In 2005 I started working in a rehabilitation clinic in Malmö, Sweden, and I have a lot of experience in muscle mobilization and massage. In total I have 19 years of experience with massage and cosmetology.
I love my job and I want the best for my clients and with my many years of experience I will always do my best to get the best results.

I am looking forward to seeing you here at Ni’mat Spa.


My name is Pontus. I am a trained body therapist at ManuVision in Copenhagen, a 2-year education that focuses on the connection between body, emotions and thoughts to release the tensions behind the body’s symptoms.

I practice both an effective gentle treatment as well as an effective deeper treatment based on the tensions I find. Together, we find a level that suits you.

I use pulsation, ironing, stretching and acupressure to relax your muscles and your nervous system. My treatment supports your lymphatic system and the body’s many other systems, so that the flow is improved and your breathing has more space. This provides peace and surplus in body and mind. You lie on a couch under a sheet/blanket during the treatment and in the end you get 2-3 minutes for yourself to feel your body and your breathing.

I am Swedish and have lived in Copenhagen since 1995. In addition to Swedish and Danish, I speak English, Spanish and basic French. I have always been interested in diet, exercise and health, hiking, running, yoga, meditation, ManuVision training, winter bathing and breathing exercises have given me invaluable insight into the power of habits and the strength of habits as well as the connection between body and mind.


My name is Félix and I am originally from the Dominican Republic but have been living in Spain since 2007.

I have study Quiro-massage at ISED Madrid and got my certificate in 2012. Besides my certificate in massage I have a university degree in tourism and administration.

I have been working 9 years as freelance massage therapist but is now living in Denmark and is happy to be a part of the team in Ni’mat Massage & Spa.

In massage I am very skilled in medium to strong massage and at the same time focusing on getting the body to relax.

When I do massage I mostly use my hands as it makes it more easy for me to “read” the body’s needs and problems – my hands is my way of communicating with your body.

I aim for making your experience special and that you will leave unstressed, relaxed and feeling in contact with you whole body.

As an extra service I can also offer you the Hamam ceremony.


My name is Linda. I am 39 years old and have been working as a masseur since 2017.

I am trained in Swedish classical massage, trigger point massage and healing massage.

In addition, I have taken courses in Reiki I, II as well as an introductory course in Ayurvedic massage, and I am in the process of completing a 1 year course in Qi gong.

My guests describe me as a calm and gentle person who takes the time to listen to the needs of my guests. I am always open to new challenges and want to learn
new techniques.

I look forward to welcoming you to me at Ni’mats Universe.


Hello – My name is Phim and I am an educated massage therapist with more than 5 years’ experience providing specialized massages.

I have worked with clients – both men and women – with varying and specific issues such as injured athletes, office workers or people who are constantly under a lot stress.

I am an enthusiastic and positive person, always searching for new challenges, which contribute to self-improvement.

It should be my great pleasure to welcome you in Ni’mat.



Hello – My name is Raymond.

I have more than 21 years of professional experience as a massage therapist in 8 countries – Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Ghana, France, Belgium and now Denmark.

My treatment is a fusion of classic deep tissue massage, sports massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology and traditional massage.

With my education, knowledge and experience I will tailor your massage according to your needs and requests.

My slogan is – “Your health is your wealth”

Looking forward to seeing you in Ni’mat Massage & Spa.