At Ni’mat Spa, only the best is good enough. Therefore we collaborate with 4 of the world’s leading spa and skin care brands:


This is a natural spa and beauty product range based on traditional Thai medicine, free of perfume and parabens. With its products, Pañpuri offers holistic well-being pampering for the body and hair.


This is a South African product range of lifestyle, body and facial products for all needs. The Kalahari Lifestyle products are made based on native, ancient knowledge about nature combined with recent dermatological research.


One of the world’s leading brands within organic beauty care. All products are 100% natural and only the best ingredients are used, which altogether leads to top quality products.


Different product ranges based on botanical stem cells, peptides and vitamins. Moisturizing and made with protective ingredients, vital to keeping the skin stable and healthy.a stable and healthy skin.

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