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zen massage

With our fantastic Zen massage, your body is restored and filled with renewed energy. This treatment starts with an hour of physiological full body massage to melt the tension in your muscles – followed by an hour where your therapist focuses on face, neck and scalp massage designed to relieve stress, tension and headaches. Can also help with anxiety and depression.

After the Zen massage, we recommend rest for the rest of the day.

Duration 110 min. DKK 1,500 per person

Can be booked in City and Clarion

Face and Scalp massage

Facial massage provides well-being and relieves tension, such as headaches and migraines, and massage can reduce wrinkles with regular treatment.

The face has 40 muscles. Together they can form more than 7000 different expressions. With our facial expressions we express all the emotions we have, so of course there is a lot of tension in the facial muscles, jaw, neck and scalp.

In this treatment, the massage is performed exclusively around the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Before the massage, the face is cleansed and finished with a nourishing face cream.

You will experience effective relaxation in your face and scalp muscles and achieve a fantastic feeling of well-being and see a renewed facial glow.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price City DKK 750

Price Clarion DKK 900 (incl. Watertemple)

Classic Physiurgical Massage Deluxe

With Ni’mat we have the city’s best masseurs for deep tissue massage, and we have put together a warm and deep massage that begins with heat followed by a massage – a combination designed to give you the optimal treatment.

The treatment starts in our hot flower sauna where your body becomes warm and flexible thereby increasing the effectiveness of your massage.

The Heat Ritual before the massage allows the masseur to work in-depth without you feeling any discomfort throughout the massage.

And after the treatment we promise that you will feel the change in your body.

The combination of heat and physiurgical massage is quite addictive.

Duration: 80 minutes DKK 900 per person.

Expect to spend 2 hours on your visit.

Rituals can be added to your treatment

New concept: Ni’mat City – Rituals

Rituals – More info here