Massage in Ni’mat Spa City

Classic Physiological Massage

A physiological massage is a deep tissue and classic type of massage working the muscles thoroughly. We will design the treatment especially for your needs. The massage will be performed by an experienced and skilled masseur, who takes pride in pampering you.

Duration: 50 minutes DKK 700,- per person.

Duration: 80 minutes DKK 900,- per person.

Rituals can be added to your treatment.

If you do not wish to add Rituals to your massage, you will change in the treatment room.

Temple Massage

This treatment begins with 1⁄2 hour pampering of both feet and soul. You will have a wonderful foot bath, foot peeling, foot mask and a foot massage – while enjoying a glass of bubbles, some fresh fruit and finding your peace. You will also get to choose the aroma oil for your body massage, which follows.

Duration: 80 minutes DKK 950,- per person.

Rituals can be added to your treatment.

Buddha Massage

This treatment begins with a massage of shoulders, neck and back to relieve your tensions and find the inner peace. This is followed by a lovely mini facial consisting of cleansing, peeling, mask and a scalp massage. Finally, a nourishing face cream is applied.

Duration: 50 minutes DKK 750,- per person.

Rituals can be added to your treatment.

Add Warm Candle Oil to your massage

If you need a gentle and de-stressing massage, choose to add the warm oil “Kalahari Aromatic Massage Candle”. The warm oil from the massage candle is used during the massage making you feel an inner peace and amazing warmth in your body. Prior to the treatment, you get to choose your exotic scented candle, so please be here in time.

DKK 200,- in addition to the price of your massage treatment.


The age limit for access to the Ni’mat Spa is 16 years. However, if you are accompanied by an adult and both are receiving treatment, there is no age limit.


If you want to know more, or book an appointment, you can either call 33 15 89 55 or send an email to